All volunteers at KES give their time and talents and are an integral part of creating a functional PTA for the children and families at KES.  If you are interested in leading or helping a committee listed below please let us know. 
Building Families, Community & Involvement 
 Family Engagement                           
 Family Engagement - Special Education   
 Watch Dogs Dads  
 Virutal Boo Run 
 Family Movie Nights                   
 Donuts with Grown Ups  
 Canned Food Drive      
 Drive Thru Trick or Treat  
 Angel Tree  
School Festival  
 Cultural Arts    
 Reflections Art Contest  Sara Wilcox 
 Hearing and Vision  
 Box Tops
 Family Fun/Dinner Nights  
 Corporate Sponsorship          
Activate Fun Run  
 Adult & Family Memberships  
 School Support 
 Technology and Website  
 Room Representatives      
 Star Kids  
 Social Media  
 Newsletter  Sara Wilcox 
 Email Blasts   Sara Wilcox